KY Smart on Crime and CJPAC

KY Smart on Crime

Seeking to pass more comprehensive criminal justice reform, in late 2015, KACDL joined with more conservative organizations, who are also committed to criminal justice reform, to move Kentucky away from its prize position at the top of the pack, incarcerating persons within the Commonwealth. The umbrella organization adopted the name Kentucky Smart on Crime. It is coordinated by ACLU Lobbyist Kate Miller. More information about SMART can be found at SMART retained legislative agent Russell Cole-man, who is both a former FBI agent and former legal assistant for Mitch McConnell. Russell works for the Frost Brown Todd law firm and serves as a volunteer prosecutor for the Oldham County Commonwealth Attorney.

Criminal Justice Policy Assessment Council (CJPAC)

In announcing SMART on CRIME’s involvement with Governor Matt Bevin’s newly formed Criminal Justice Policy Assessment Council last June, Russell stated that the Council “seeks to research and assess proven, innovative criminal justice reforms for implementation in Kentucky.” He noted that “The CJPAC will provide the critical policy analysis and data needed to move meaningful criminal justice reform forward in the commonwealth.” KACDL requested to have a seat on the council and after a session without representation, in 2017 secured a position for future work. 

KACDL formal request for representation on CJPAC