The Legislation Committee, whose Chair shall be appointed by the President, and whose members shall be appointed by the Chair of the committee, is authorized only to consider and recommend to the Board of Directors proposals for enacting, promulgating, amending, altering or repealing statutes of the Commonwealth of Kentucky and of the United States.

If any member or citizen has information to share regarding criminal defense legislative matters, please send communication to our Legislative Agent at legislation@kacdl.net.  You may express your interest to join the Legislation Committee on your Member Account page.


Damon Preston's DPA conference handout that explains the new laws effective 6/27/19  


2019 Kentucky Legislative Guide 

Need to contact a Kentucky legislator? Click for the KY Electric Co-Op's  2019 Legislative Guide.

Constitutional Amendment Action (aka Marsy's Law)

Ky Supreme Court Ruling

Response to Petition for Re-Hearing

Pretrial Release:

Handouts received by members of the House and Senate Judiciary in July 2019

Kentucky Jail Expansion 
Jail Incarceration in Kentucky 

Both produced by the Vera Institute of Justice