Current Focus

2024 Legislative Session

The Safer Kentucky Act

Official Media Statement:

“Through our Legislation Committee, KACDL is following The Safer Kentucky Act closely. KACDL is generally opposed to the bill and we will be directly addressing our concerns with legislators, with emphasis placed on our deep concerns about some aspects of the bill that would add to mass incarceration. In addition, there are other parts of the bill that raise concerns about fairness to poor people. As Kentuckians, we believe it is important that Legislators find common sense, practical, compassionate and fiscally responsible solutions for criminal justice matters. And as always, we will continue to work with Legislators, Smart on Crime, and the Kentucky Courts to ensure justice and due process of law for all those persons accused of crime within the Commonwealth of Kentucky.”

If any member or citizen has information to share regarding criminal defense legislative matters, please send communication to our Legislative Agent at  You may express your interest to join the Legislation Committee on your Member Account page.

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