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KACDL Presents - DUI Defense Seminar - Friday, September 17th - Virtual Via Zoom!

Do you know how to attack the breathalyzer?  Do you understand the ignition interlock laws and how they work for your client?  Find out why you should be trying ALL of your DUI cases at our DUI Defense Seminar on Friday, September 17th.  We'll gather with seven noted DUI experts virutually via Zoom to answer these questions and five you the strategies you need to successfully defend your DUI cases.  Register Today!

On Demand CLE!

Did you know that KACDL has On Demand CLE content available anytime and anywhere you have an internet connection?  Let us help you meet your yearly requirement.  View the full library of On Demand CLE content here.

Racial Disparities in Kentucky's Criminal Justice System and the Pursuit of Solutions

On January 19th, KACDL and the NAACP of Kentucky collaborated with leaders in the Kentucky General Assembly on a forum to share their thoughts about how the legislature can respond to current, critical, racial injustices that call for redress in the Commonwealth. We invite all stakeholders in the criminal justice system, including NAACP and KACDL membership, justice impacted persons, civil rights leaders, prosecutors, judges, legislators and coalitions dedicated to criminal justice reform (SOC, KFTC, League of Women Voters, ACLU, KCEP, KY Council of Churches, KY Catholic Conference) to view a recording of this event in which panelists looked at key points in the processing and prosecution of criminal cases where the impact of discretion intersects with racial bias to result in injustice. To view the recording, click here.

Marsy's Law

KACDL is disappointed in the outcome of the vote but we honor the process and remain proud that our work in 2018 required voters to be presented with the text of the amendment instead of a misleading question. KACDL still strongly advises that this constitutional amendment comes with convoluted consequences and will not be an adequate answer to problems victims face. KACDL’s grave concerns about this amendment’s potential impact on Kentucky’s justice system remain. 

On January 13th of this year, we held a CLE webinar exploring how to defend your client in the face of the new constitutional amendment that arguably elevates the rights of victims to a status equal to or perhaps greater than the constitutional rights of your clients. This new amendment demands our attention as it threatens our right to discovery (including exculpatory evidence), may restrain our ability to investigate our client’s case, may undermine our vigorous motions-in-limine and could constrain the kind of penetrating cross-examinations demanded to protect our client’s right to zealous legal representation. The webinar put on by three experienced litigators will help you think through how to protect your client from the prosecutor’s charging decision and bail through final sentencing and parole board review. Litigating tips, motion practice examples and opportunities for brainstorming will be the bedrock of this training experience. To register for an on demand presentation of this timely webinar that qualifies for 2.0 hours of CLE including 1.25 hours of Ethics, click here.



2021 KACDL President:

Brad Clark has focused on advocating for the accused in the Bluegrass state for eleven years. He started as a state court public defender in Lexington, KY, then transitioned as an appointed counsel in death penalty cases and was recently in private practice. He joined the Suhre & Associates team in 2020 and is dedicated to providing great service to his clients. 

Brad received his undergraduate degree from Washington University in St. Louis and attended law school at the University of Kentucky. Brad has tried over thirty cases to juries, on charges ranging from misdemeanors to murder. Practicing law isn’t the only venture he’s pursued. In 2016, he created an app that has helped over 10,000 Kentuckians in the criminal expungement process.

His work on the app, Unconvicted.com, has been featured in USA Today, the Atlantic’s City Beat and the Wall Street Journal. Brad is the recipient of the 2018 Kentucky Bar Association YLD Outstanding Young Lawyer Award and the 2017 UK College of Law Young Professional Award.  

When Brad is not representing our clients with the best possible defense, he enjoys outdoor activities like running, hiking and biking. You can also find him building the latest LEGO design with his kids. 

You may reach Brad at president@kacdl.net.