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KACDL Official Statement Racial Injustice:

June 15, 2020

Statement of the Kentucky Association of Criminal Defense Lawyers on Racial Injustice

On June 11th, people are once again gathering in front of the courthouse in Louisville. People have been gathering in cities and towns throughout Kentucky for more than a week. They are challenging the systemic racism of the criminal justice system, its lack of accountability and the continued oppressive, disproportionate impact it has on citizens of color. Kentucky is one of the centers of the racism and injustice that people around the country and around the world are protesting. Breonna Taylor was a Kentuckian. David McAtee was a Kentuckian.

The Kentucky Association of Criminal Defense Lawyers gives its full-throated support to the call to action issued by the National Association of Criminal Defense Lawyers. Please read it here.

The time for action, already long overdue, must be now. KACDL urges all members of the bar and the bench, as well as community and government leaders and policymakers, to join in the national effort to right these longstanding wrongs and immediately take steps to reform the justice system.
KACDL Board of Directors,
Hon. Angela Rea, President   
Hon. Brad Clark, President Elect   
Hon. Karen Faulkner, First Vice President
Hon. B. Scott West, Director Ex Officio (19)
Hon. David Ward, Director Ex Officio (18)
Hon. Amy Hannah, Director Ex Officio (17)      
Hon. Ernie Lewis, Director Ex Officio (16)
Hon. William Deatherage, Director Ex Officio (15)
Hon. J. Guthrie True, Director Ex Officio (14)
Hon. Larry Simon, Director Ex Officio (13) 
Hon. Ed Monahan, Director Ex Officio (11)        
Hon. Tucker Richardson, Director Ex Officio (10)
Hon. Damon Preston, Public Advocate Designee
Hon. Leo Smith, Public Advocate Designee
Hon. Frank Mascagni, Director At Large                                    
Hon. Rachael O’ Hearen, Director At Large
Hon. Abe Mashni, Director At Large                              
Hon. Brent Cox, Director At Large
Hon. Ryan Vantrease, Director At Large                        
Hon. Patrick Renn, Director At Large
Hon. Whitney True Lawson, Director At Large
Hon. Mike Mazzoli, Director At Large
Donna M. Brown, KACDL Executive Director
Hon. Daniel T. Goyette, Director Emeritus

Media Comments and Questions pertaining to this statement release should be directed to KACDL President Angela Rea at president@kacdl.net   


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Please pass this opportunity on to qualified colleagues, friends, or acquaintances who may be interested. Questions may be directed to: president@kacdl.net


2020 President:

Angela Rea currently serves as a Division Chief in the Adult Trial Division of the Louisville Metro Public Defender's Office. She began her career as a staff trial attorney with the office in April of 2003. Prior to that, in 1997, she graduated from Indiana University with Bachelors of Arts degrees in English and French. During her time at IU, she spent a year living and studying in Strasbourg, France. She went on to receive her law degree from Cornell Law School in 2002. While at Cornell, she worked with the school's Legal Information Institute. She also spent four months living in Bridgetown, Barbados while working for the United Nations Drug Control Program there. During her tenure at the Louisville Metro Public Defender's Office, she has practiced in the Adult and Capital Trial Divisions, as well as in the Appellate Division. In 2005, she was selected to attend the National Criminal Defense College in Macon, Georgia. In 2007, she took part in a Spanish language study program with other attorneys and with judges that culminated with an immersion stay in Morelia, Mexico to practice language skills and undertake a comparative study of the justice systems of Mexico and the United States. Angela has won eight Walker Awards for excellent advocacy in felony jury trials that resulted in verdicts of acquittal. Her work has also earned her the Clarence Darrow Prodigy Award from the Kentucky Association of Criminal Defense Lawyers and designation as one of Louisville's Best Lawyers under 40 by Louisville Magazine. Additionally, in a ceremony that took place in New York City in February 2016, Angela received the Law School Alumni Exemplary Public Service Award from Cornell Law School. Later that same year at the Annual Kentucky Public Defender Conference, she was named recipient of the 2016 Professionalism & Excellence Award, co-sponsored and presented by the Kentucky Bar Association.

You may reach Angela at president@kacdl.net.







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