The names of the most recent recipients are listed in red italics, note that every award is not presented every year

KACDL Frank E. Haddad, Jr. Award
Presented to a criminal defense lawyer in recognition of exceptional professional achievement which has had a profound effect and sustained impact on the protection of the constitutional rights of citizens accused or convicted of a criminal offense.
[Past recipients: Frank Haddad; Bill Johnson; Charlie Coy; Bob Lotz; Wil Zevely; Ed Monahan; Bob Lawson; Ernesto Scorsone; Tim McCall; Ned Pillersdorf;  Mark Stanziano; Vince Aprile; Margaret O’Donnell; Frank Mascagni; Dick Slukich; Don Meier; David A. Lambertus; Jay Lambert; Don Major; Chastity Beyl; Larry D. Simon; Daniel T. Taylor III; B. Scott West; Bill Deatherage; Roger Gibbs; Daniel T. Goyette; Steven R. Romines; Angela M. Rea; Ryan Vantrease (Louisville)

(N.B. this list includes recipients of awards that have been combined into this one, and several of these individuals are multiple recipients)
KACDL Distinguished Service Award
Presented to a member of KACDL whose service to the organization and contributions to its mission have resulted in significant improvement of the criminal justice system.
[Past Recipients: Alan Holbrook; Wil Zevely; Burr Travis; Ed Monahan; Ernie Lewis; Jerry Cox; Charlie Coy; Mark Stanziano; Bob Lotz; Audrey Lee; Russ Baldani; Teresa Whitaker; Vince Yustas; David Hoskins; Hon. Katie Wood; Mark Bubenzer; Gail Robinson; Julie M. Kaelin; Amy I. Hannah; David M. Ward; R. Kenyon Meyer, James David Niehaus, Virginia Hamilton Snell, Michael R. Mazzoli, and Rebecca Ballard DiLoretto]

(N.B. this list includes recipients of awards that have been combined into this one, and several of these individuals are multiple recipients)
KACDL Gail Robinson Juvenile Justice Award
Presented to a member of the bar in recognition of outstanding contributions to and exceptional achievement in the development of juvenile law and the representation of children in delinquency and transfer proceedings, as well as in matters involving status offenses and detention.
[Past Recipients: Katie Wood; Gail Robinson (twice); Pete Schuler; Tim Arnold; Tim Shull; Emily Farrar-Crockett; Glenda Edwards; Leslie Smith; Will Collins and Cotha Hudson; Chip Rogalinski; Beth McMahon; Sen. Whitney H. Westerfield (R-3rd District); Ms. Londa Adkins; Karen Faulkner]
KACDL Bill of Rights Enforcer Award
Presented to a citizen of the Commonwealth of Kentucky who, while not a practicing criminal defense lawyer, has effectively supported and vigilantly protected the Bill of Rights for all citizens accused of crime and subjected to prosecution by the government.
[Past Recipients:  Rev. Pat Delahanty; Jane Chiles; Lesa Watson; Eleanor Jordan; Denise Stanziano; Dawn Jenkins; Charolette Brooks; Raoul Cunningham; Don Vish; Mike Healy; Kate Miller, Co-Recipients Marlyn Israelian and Donna M. Brown, Curtis L. Barrett and Eric Y. Drogan; Ezra Richtin and Shameka Parrish-Wright; Brad Holajter (Frankfort)

KACDL Fair Administration of Justice Award
Presented to a member of the judiciary who has served and advanced the interests and cause of justice by fairly applying constitutional principles and impartially presiding in criminal proceedings.
[Past Recipients:  Judge John D. Miller; Chief Justice Robert F. Stephens; Judge Samuel Long; Judge Gary D. Payne; Judge Hunter Daugherty; Judge Denise Clayton; Judge Mary Noble; Judge Thomas B. Russell; Judge Edward H. Johnstone; Judge Martin Sheehan & Justice William McAnulty; Judge Vernon Miniard, Jr.; Judge Thomas B. Wine; Judge Sara Walter Combs; Judge Boyce Martin; Judge James C. Brantley; Judge Ann Bailey Smith; Chief Justice John D. Minton, Jr.; Judge Sean R. Delahanty; Justice Daniel J. Venters; Hon. Ernesto Scorsone; Hon Charles L. Cunningham Jr; Hon. Pamela Goodwine; Hon. Irv Maze and Hon. Janet Stumbo; Hon. Brian C. Edwards (Jefferson Circuit Court)

KACDL W. Robert Lotz Public Policy Award
Presented to a member of the legislative or executive branches of government who has established and/or implemented public policy that protects individual liberties, ensures a fair process, and guarantees reliable results in criminal cases.
[Past Recipients:  Sen. Gerald Neal; Rep. Gross Lindsay; Rep. Rob Wilkey; Rep. Robert Heleringer; Lt. Gov. Stephen Pence; Rep. Robin Webb; Rep. Kathy Stein; J. Michael Brown; Rep. Jesse Crenshaw; Rep. John Tilley and Sen. Tom Jensen; Hon. Tommy Turner; Rep. Johnny Bell and Sen. John Schickel; David Adkisson; Kim M. Allen; Rep. Darryl T. Owens (D-43rd District); Rep. Jason M. Nemes (33rd District); Sen. Jimmy Higdon; Rep. Attica Scott (41st District)]
KACDL Media Award
Presented to a reporter or editor who has informed Kentucky citizens about the critical constitutional roles of criminal defense lawyers, public defenders or criminal defense organizations in ensuring the individual liberties guaranteed by our Bill of Rights.
[Past Recipients:  John Cheeves (Lexington Herald-Leader); David Hawpe (The Courier-Journal); John Ed Pearce (Lexington Herald-Leader); William Estep (Lexington Herald-Leader); Louise Taylor (Lexington Herald-Leader); Kay Stewart (The Courier-Journal); R.G. Dunlop (The Courier-Journal); Deborah Yetter (The Courier-Journal); Ronnie Ellis (CNHI); Jason Riley (The Courier-Journal); Andy Wolfson (The Courier-Journal); Valarie Honeycutt Spears (Lexington Herald-Leader); Jim Hannah (Cincinnati/No. Kentucky Enquirer); University of Louisville Law Review; LPM Kentucky Center for Investigative Reporting (Zoe Shaver, R.G. Dunlop & Brendan McCarthy); R.G. Dunlop, KyCIR); Ben Kleppinger (The Advocate Messenger); Jonathan Greene (Richmond Register); Staff of the Manual Redeye (duPont Manual High School, Louisville, KY); Matt Mencarini, Chris Kenning and Jonathan Bullington, Louisville Courier Journal

KACDL Clarence Darrow Prodigy Award
Presented to a member of KACDL who has been practicing law for less than 5 years and has demonstrated precocious legal knowledge and trial skills as a criminal defense advocate, as well as an uncompromising commitment to aggressively defending clients in the spirit and best tradition of Mr. Darrow.
[Past Recipients:  Tasha K. Scott; Justin C. Brown; Angela Rea; Angela Darcy; Amy Hannah; Bethany Catron; John M. Mack; Whitney True Lawson; Molly Rose Green; Ms. Carolyn Allen; Miranda Hellman; Abe Mashni; Kayla Perkins Deatherage; Holly McNeil, Dept. of Public Advocacy (Paducah)

KACDL Special Recognition Award  (presented from time to time at the discretion of  the KACDL President and/or Board of Directors for singular accomplishment or career achievement)
[Past Recipients:  Dean Robert G. Lawson; W. Robert Lotz; William E. “Bill” Johnson; Daniel T. Goyette; Jerry J. Cox; Mr. Edward C. Monahan]