Election Center

Each year KACDL elects a President, President Elect, First Vice President, and Directors at Large.
Important Dates:
Not less than thirty (30) days before the date of each annual meeting of the Board of Directors at which Directors at Large are to be elected, the Membership & Governance Committee shall nominate, by class, a sufficient number of persons who shall be qualified to serve as Directors at Large of the Association, not less than the number of Directors at Large of each class to be elected at such annual meeting, and shall submit to the Board of Directors in writing a list, by class, of the names and qualifications of those persons so nominated.
At the annual meeting, the Board of Directors shall consider such recommendations. Additional nominations, if any, for such class of Directors at Large shall be received from the floor at the annual meeting of the members, and the names of such additional nominees shall be placed as members of such class.
Any person (including a President, President-Elect, First Vice-President, Director at Large, Legislative Agent, Public Advocate, Metro Defender or former President) who resides or work in the Commonwealth of Kentucky; is a member in good standing of the Association and of the Kentucky Bar Association; has demonstrated an interest in criminal law and qualities of leadership in the criminal defense law field; shall be eligible for election to the office of, or to serve as, a Director of the Association. No United States Attorney, Assistant United States Attorney, Attorney General, Assistant Attorney General, Commonwealth Attorney, Assistant Commonwealth Attorney, County Attorney, Assistant County Attorney, or other employee of agent of any prosecutor’s office or law enforcement agency shall be eligible for election to the office, or to serve as, a Director of the Association.
All elections and election candidates are subject to the provisions of the KACDL By Laws regarding elections.

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For additional assistance, please contact our Chair at membership@kacdl.net