Racial Injustice

The following is a compilation of resources provided by the KJA. The inclusion of information or documents on this page is intended to serve to educate and is not intended to serve as legal advice from KACDL or endorsement of positions taken. 

A Colony In A Nation by Chris Hayes
How to be an AntiRacist by Ibram X. Kendi 
Children’s board book coming out by Ibram X. Kendi
The Children by David Halberstam
Devil in the Grove by Gilbert King about Thurgood Marshall.
Brene Brown with Ibram X. Kendi
Brene Brown with Austin Channing Brown
Law Review  http://www.californialawreview.org/print/what-to-do-about-batson/  
Other Resources
Anti racism resources bit.ly/ANTIRACISMRESOURCES 
Web search "implicit assumptions test" you will find a variety of bias awareness raising tests to assist yourself in examining biases.  
John Rowe Chapter (Lexington) still holds judicial panels. 
Spalding University has a center for racial trauma where individuals experiencing racial trauma can seek support.  

Mapping Police Violence
Who gets to be afraid in America? by Dr. Ibram X. Kendi | Atlantic (May 12, 2020)
Malcolm and Martin by James Baldwin | Esquire (April 1, 1972)
Letter from Birmingham Jail by Dr. Martin Luther King, Jr. 
The 1619 Project (all articles) | NYT
When is the last time you saw a white person killed online?
White Privilege: Unpacking the Invisible Knapsack by Peggy Mcintosh  

Films/TV Series/Videos
• 13th (Netflix)
• Time: The Kalief Browder Story (Netflix)
• Just Mercy
• Selma
• When They See Us (Netflix)
• I am Not Your Negro (James Baldwin documentary)
• Black Feminism & the Movement For Black Lives (Youtube Video)
• How Studying Privilege Systems Can Strengthen Compassion (TEDTalk)
• Dr. Riana Anderson on African-American’s Mental Health During COVID-19 and George Floyd (Video)

KACDL Official Statement Racial Injustice:

June 15, 2020

Statement of the Kentucky Association of Criminal Defense Lawyers on Racial Injustice

On June 11th, people are once again gathering in front of the courthouse in Louisville. People have been gathering in cities and towns throughout Kentucky for more than a week. They are challenging the systemic racism of the criminal justice system, its lack of accountability and the continued oppressive, disproportionate impact it has on citizens of color. Kentucky is one of the centers of the racism and injustice that people around the country and around the world are protesting. Breonna Taylor was a Kentuckian. David McAtee was a Kentuckian.

The Kentucky Association of Criminal Defense Lawyers gives its full-throated support to the call to action issued by the National Association of Criminal Defense Lawyers. Please read it here.

The time for action, already long overdue, must be now. KACDL urges all members of the bar and the bench, as well as community and government leaders and policymakers, to join in the national effort to right these longstanding wrongs and immediately take steps to reform the justice system.