Member Spotlight

Bradley Clark is a Lexington-based criminal defense lawyer and software developer. His firm develops web apps that help people with legal problems, including for expungements and for traffic tickets. Prior to opening his legal technology company he served as a capital defender, defending death penalty cases for DPA. 

"KACDL is the preeminent organization for criminal defense lawyers in Kentucky. From training to advocacy at the legislature, I feel confident knowing that I've got a team of talented lawyers supporting me and my clients." -- Bradley

Julie Kaelin is a private criminal defense lawyer in Louisville at Faulkner Kaelin Law Offices. She represents individuals charged with everything from Speeding to Murder, but has a particular affinity for sex crimes defense and expungement law. She also serves on the conflict panel of several DPA offices, provides free expungement services to those who meet federal poverty guidelines, and accepts criminal cases from the Legal Aid Society when needed. She has been an active member of KACDL for many years.

"KACDL has provided me with a wealth of resources – sample motions and briefs, locating good advice quickly, excellent educational opportunities, and having a friendly resource in every part of the state. I can't imagine practicing without KACDL in my corner." -- Julie


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