Rules of Court

The Rules Committee

Members are appointed by resolution of the Board of Directors and are authorized only to consider and recommend to the Board of Directors proposals for adopting, promulgating, amending, altering or repealing rules of court of the Commonwealth of Kentucky and of the United States.

Committee Update 10.26.17:

Tom Wine proposed an amendment to Rule 7.24 regarding the filing of discovery and limitations on its disclosure, which was tabled until the next rules committee meeting on December 1st. Bill Deatherage and other defense members of the Supreme Court Criminal Rules Committee (Bill Johnson, Dan Goyette, Guthrie True, Damon Preston and Scott West) will continue to monitor the proposal and will provide updates. 

Committee Update 8.11.17:

The last meeting of the Kentucky Supreme Court Rules Committee was held on 2 June 2017. 
At that meeting, the Committee voted to recommend that RCr 4.50 be amended and replaced.  Also, the Committee voted to recommend that changes be made to RCr 13.10, pertaining to who may issue a search warrant. 
Proposed changes to RCr 8.08, pertaining to the rocket docket, were postponed until the Committee’s next meeting.

A new rule, RCr 13.15, preservation of evidence, has been proposed. 

The next meeting of the Committee is scheduled for 20 October 2017.

Committee Update 5.26.17:

Supreme Court Criminal Rules Committee met once. Second meeting postponed.
Proposed changes to Criminal Rules 4.50, 5.16, 8.08, and 13.10 have been submitted and will be considered.

Any questions regarding the Rules Committee or to request proposal consideration, please contact our Rules Chair at You may express your interest to join the Rules Committee on your Member Account page.