The Kentucky Association of Criminal Defense Lawyers (KACDL) was formed in 1986 by renowned criminal defense lawyers Frank Haddad, Charlie Coy and Bill Johnson, along with other prominent attorneys, to address the criminal defense bar's lack of influence in the drafting of Kentucky's Truth-in-Sentencing law. For over twenty-five years, KACDL has effectively and progressively interacted with the General Assembly in the legislative process. KACDL has had an active voice in the 1997 Governor's Criminal Justice Response Team, the 2003 Kentucky Penal Code Revision Project, the Kentucky Criminal Justice Council and the Kentucky Supreme Court Rules Committee, speaking on behalf of the criminally accused and providing support for their defenders.

Today, KACDL is the only organized, statewide, all-inclusive group of criminal defense lawyers in Kentucky. We remain committed to penal code reform, to fairness and justice for all citizens accused of crimes in the Commonwealth of Kentucky, and to unwavering service to the criminal defense community through effective and supportive networking, advocacy and education.


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Friday, April 24, 2015
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2015 Kentucky Legislative Update

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Notice from Louisville Metro Corrections
The Louisville Metro Department of Corrections, in cooperation with the Public Defender’s office and members of the private Bar, has recently taken steps to ensure, for the first time, that outgoing calls from inmates to their attorneys are not recorded or monitored.

Make sure your attorney-client phone calls are secure

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