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President’s Message

Dear Members,
When you are confronted with the results of this past session's legislation in the Trial Courts, you are not alone. When it is used, we will be there to aid in the fight. 
As an Association we rely upon each other to not only report to our community instances where the impact of this legislation is being felt, but also to provide assistance to each other when challenging these laws. The expertise and experience available through our network of members is enormous and an invaluable resource to both the sole practitioner and the member of a large firm.  We’re here to help each other, whether it simply be through a response to a listserv question, co-counseling a case, or submitting an amicus brief.

Statutes change, common law evolves, and even our Constitution can be amended.  Justice, however, remains timeless no matter the political circumstances, the occupants of our legislature or governor’s office, or the Judges who come and go.  It is only through our shared efforts – reaching out for help when we need it and providing help when asked, that we can ensure a just and fair future for our clients and our broader society.  Thank you for what you do. 

David M. Ward
President, Kentucky Association of Criminal Defense Lawyers

David Ward was born in 1966 in Ashland, Kentucky, David attended the University of Kentucky where he earned his BHS, with distinction. Upon graduation, he attended the University of Minnesota where he earned his MHA before graduating from the Ohio State University College of Law with a Juris Doctorate. Ward returned to his Kentucky after serving on active duty in the United States Army Judge Advocate General’s Corps where he continues to serve today as a Colonel and Staff Judge Advocate for the 63rd Regional Support Command in Mountain View, California. Twice recalled to active duty to serve 14 months with the 101st Airborne Division in Iraq with additional duties in Kuwait and Turkey and 12 months as the Deputy Staff Judge Advocate at Fort Drum, New York. After practicing Kentucky criminal law as a Public Advocate, David joined White, McCann & Stewart, PLLC, in 2000 and became a partner in 2005. He serves on the board of Clark County Community Services and is a past President of the Clark County Bar Association. You may reach him at president@kacdl.net



Washington, DC (June 22, 2018) – This morning, the U.S. Supreme Court issued its decision in Carpenter v. United States (16-402). "Today's decision takes into account the 'seismic shifts' in technology and provides hope that privacy rights will survive in the digital age," said NACDL President Rick Jones.

KACDL President, David Ward, joins others on KET's Kentucky Tonight to discuss criminal justice reforms from Marsy's Law to felony expungement to no-money bail. http://ow.ly/99iR30kmjyK

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